The Fragment Of My Past…!!

Sometimes strangely we do not want to let things go. We hold on to something from the past when deep inside we know it doesn’t matter to us. But still we hold on to it… And when it leaves us we get sad…

But why do we get sad? It anyhow doesn’t matter to us. Deep inside the feelings are dead for it. It’s just a fragment of the past we are holding on too.

But why do tears finds it way out when the fragment is exposed to threat of its existence. Why can’t we let it go, when deep inside we know it doesn’t matter….

Or wait does it matter? Deep inside do we still have feelings for that fragment. Or are we scared? Because letting it go is letting go the beautiful moments, love, care that is hidden in those fragment

But is that more important or the part where the fragment of past is like a piece of broken glass and holding on to it in our heart is just making it bleed….

What can one do if the fragment gives mental peace but slowly is creating new scars in our heart…

Its like healing you mental pain by crippling your heart…
its like living in an illusion to keep yourself sane…
Its like saving yourself but actually digging your own grave….

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