Letter To The Fragment Of My Past 1 ❤️

Dear Fragment of my past,
Do you know how much you have changed me? Do you know how good I feel about myself now?
When you lived with me I always wondered about all the flaws I had. If u said it was a flaw I considered it the same. I just cared what you had to tell me. Your opinion valued more to me than anyone in the world.
But when you became my past and i had only a fragment with me… Your opinion was also a fragment. And it didn’t matter anymore…
I have people telling me today how amazing I am. It really brings a smile on my face.
But also somewhere my heart aches… And asks…
Why couldn’t you see it huh? Why couldn’t you see how amazing person I am? Why u had to become a fragment of my past and not my whole present.?
And then you know what I do? I open the moon Door and push you in it. Hoping not to see you again.
But here I am again writing to you….
Someone who don’t exist in your life anymore.

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