Letter To The Fragment Of My Past 3 ❤️

Dear fragment of my past,
There is something about the way you care for me. It has always been a mystery to me. When you were my present you did everything to make me feel that you don’t care. But now when you are my past, the Fragment of it wants to make sure that I feel good, that I am happy…
Does this care comes out only when you become the fragment of my past.?
So does that mean your care for me is like a fragment? Like snippets? Like a morsel?
Or is it that I was a fool and couldn’t see it when you were my present.?
When I feel you are there you tell me you are not. And when I feel you are not there you tell me you are there.
I don’t know I am the fool or you are the idiot.
Or perhaps I am the fool because I still kept you alive as the Fragment of my past.
I kept the essence in my present because I am scared to have a present without you.
But fragment of my past. I swear one day will come when I finally will push you through the moon door.
Someone who may or may not exist in your life anymore!!

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