Section 377- Its Just a beginning

So one day my mom came to me with her new gossip…
” Do you know that aunty’s son is gay and that is why the marriage was called off even after the engagement.”
I looked at her with a keen interest and said ” Isn’t that good?”
Then further my grandma added
“Yes it is, But poor aunty she would never have a daughter in law and he would never have a life partner”
And that is when my mom added the next lines that brought me into thinking…
” He has a partner it seems. They are dating each other for a long while now.”
And I screamed to that, clapping hands as if a small child has received a bag full of toys and chocolates and said…
” Oh wow that means a gay marriage, that would be so amazing to witness ”
And my mom looked at me with amusement and then i said “Section 377”.
And that look bought me into imagining the marriage..

I have seen Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker getting married in Modern Family and have also seen carol and susan getting married in Friends. But all that is in western countries. What about India? How will a gay marriage happen in India ?
Let it be the big fat north Indian weddings or the one day south Indian wedding. Are the people in our society really ready to have 2 brides or 2 grooms taking 7 rounds of the sacred fire and exchanging garlands.
And not just that there are tons of other rituals that would have a question mark.
Who will wear the mangalsutra or who will do the kanyadhan part. ?
Usually after a marriage the girl goes to her husbands home, who will move out here ?
There are tons of other traditions and customs that becomes a question mark after this.

Even if the supreme court has given a verdict which is logically right but the question that arises here is when will the verdict of the society be passed that support gay marriages?

I once read in a book where one of the dialogue of a priest went as
“Naisha, I am no one to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, but I want to tell you that the union of a man and a woman is a concept discovered to reproduce and not for pleasure. Therefore, anything that couldn’t serve that purpose is unnatural and shouldn’t be forced upon”
So a society with such thoughts and beliefs, how that love can be recognized?

We live in a society where still a girls character or dressing sense is blamed for her rape and where “log kya kahenge” (what people will say) is more important than anything in this world. Even if the battle of section 377 is won but this is just a beginning of a long struggle.

I was once asked
” you don’t mind gays concept but what if your son or daughter turns out to be one?”
and i replied
” I wont mind. because he is still a human and still my child, his different sexuality doesn’t make him a monster. I will still love him or her.”

When each and everyone could give that answer that is when the actual struggle comes to an end.

“Be the change you wish to see in this world”

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