October Wrap Up !!

Hola folks !!

So its the first of november today and the 10th chapter of the year is closed. Just 2 more chapters for the book to finish.
I did not expect to be reading a lot this month because being a CA Student and being an article (intern) and having the return filing due date being set on the 15th and then extending it to 31st just makes it more difficult to give my time to reading.
But just as eating, sleeping and exercising is important to live healthy, i have reading as an addition to it.
I remember writing a quote on mirakee which best suits me ” 9 years back she took a book to find solace and to fill the void of a friend in her life. 9 years later she again took a book to find solace and escape from the scary people in her life ”
Books are that part of not just my life but i guess everyone’s life that give some sought of peace that they crave for.

Ok so giving a pause to my ranting on books, Moving on to my October wrap up !!
So i read 11 books this month !! The picture of the books posted above!! Honestly i did not expect to be reading this many books but i guess i ended up with 11. So Listing them down:

1. To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee
2. Dystopia by Manoj V Jain
3. Untold love stories from India by Khuswant Singh
4. Confessions of a Virgin Bride by Khuswant Singh
5. 2 Day Down by Dr Nikita Lalwani
6. And We walked away by Subrat Saurabh
7. On The Open Road by Stuti Changle
8. Mrs. Funny Bones by Twinkle Khanna
9. Dare Dreamers by Kartik Sharma & Ravi Sharma
10. Seduction By truth by Mukul Kumar
11. My Trip to adele by A.I.Alyaseer and R.IAlyaseer

And the best read i had from all the books i read this month with no doubt goes to Mrs Funny Bones by Twinkle Khanna. It was a fabulous read. I mean the way she described all her troubles in those 280 pages book with the happiness of taking those troubles just gave the real meaning of life.

So not setting any TBR for the coming month because obviously it never goes as planned, i always end up reading the opposite of what i planned. So no TBRS.

And guys i have just set up my twitter account so do follow me. @books_fork_me Show some love !! 😀

Take a look at The_girl_wid_a_book_and_a_fork (@books_fork_me): https://twitter.com/books_fork_me?s=08

And signing off for today.

Happy Reading !!

Some Books Leave Us Free, And Some Book Make Us Free……!!!

-Ralph Waldo Emmerson

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    1. Lovely wrap-up is what I mean


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