To show your purity, Please get your Hymn checked and also Please check that you are not in that time of your month!!

So i recently read a book named ” Confessions of a Virgin Bride”  by Khuswant Singh and it enlightened me about the topic Hymn Repair.
And i also read the book named ” 2 Day Down” by Dr Nikita Lalwani which made me realize how our society is less acknowledged about the periods related issues.

What i do not understand is that why are these considered as a taboo. Why are women considered as a different species. Just because a human have breasts and a vagina makes that human a women and then starts the process of being judgemental on the way she dresses up or the way she speaks. A women’s each characteristic and behaviour is questioned and i do not understand why.

We claim to belong to the 21st century using our smart phones, becoming more smarter everyday then where does the smartness go away when a woman is being judged on the way she dresses up or on the basis of her virginity. why do u not let her come inside the kitchen when she has periods. isn’t periods supposed to be a good thing.? It shows the women is capable of creating a life on earth.
We say God created us. ! But the mediator it choose to create more lives is a women. And that women is made to face so many extra hardships.

I remember a politician saying once “If women starts enjoying rape then there would be no problems at all”. I have no more to say to such people.
People out there storming out on the internet with the #meetoo shows the helplessness they have gone through and are still going through.

What needs to be changed is the mentality of the people out there. The sad part is that it’s just not the male chauvinism that is the issue but also there are women who have the same thought process.

Just because a married women didn’t bleed on her first night after her marriage makes her a characterless girl.
Just because the women is bleeding for 7 days she is considered to be impure. And this you will be astonished to know is going on from centuries where the women’s periods were considered as bad luck and the reason for their bad crops and no bread in their households.

What needs to be changed here as i said is the mentality of people, where there is ethical equality. When i no longer would be required to write on this topic is when the equality have in actual established its roots all over.

Till then ladies….to show your purity please get your hymn checked and do make sure you are not in that time of your month.

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