Letter To The Fragment Of My Past-4

My Dear Fragment of my past,

I always push you in the moondoor yet you somehow find you way back to my mind. I wonder how and why you do that. I wish i could wipe you out of your existence. But the hard truth i face is, Do i really want to ? I wonder what is it that makes me still feel for you, that melts away the anger i kept bottling up years ago.

I guess the truth is that a part of me died when you eft, and a part of you filled up the empty space, maybe that is why the fragment of my past matters to me more than anything. But, despite all this there is one more truth, no matter what i will always push you from that moondoor, because you are contagious.

Before you start spreading all over, I will push you trying in vain to wipe you out of your existence and deep inside hope for your return. So the fragment of my past, you are the missing part of me that died long ago, that left me numb and introduced me to nothingness. I am grateful for it or sad is a mystery to me. And pushing you in the moon door again before you start spreading and giving me illusional happiness and peace is what i do to solve the mystery tempororily.

See you untill next time fragment.

who never could be yours.



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