Letter To The Fragment Of My Past – 5

Dear fragment of my past,

Do you know how you arose today? I will tell you. I had a dejavu. Yes I was talking with my present and that is when I got introduced to the path to the fragment. And I unconsciously travelled the path and woke you up. Now that I have woken you up let me pen my thoughts down…

Its so strange dear fragment to have remember you in the way my beloved present was talking to me. It makes me shiver in fear. Would my beloved present also leave me and become my fragment of my past just like you.!? It took me so much of time to have fall in love wid my present. But now what if this present is also not meant to be my future. What if this present is also my illusion of happiness. What if this present is the mask of happiness that would reveal itself and burst out its true colours when its time to make yet another wound and create yet another fragment to live my actual present with.

This also makes me wonder. My dear fragment of my past. Was it me!? Was I the reason that you had to leave to becoming my past. Was it my actions that made you do this.!? Else how can the history be repeated. How can my present start becoming the same way when u were my all present. It makes me doubt my actions.

Is it me who loves to ruin my beautiful present from becoming my future. What if it has always been me and I never knew.

I donot know what to do. But the only thing I know. I have to get u back to where u came from. I have to open the moon door and push you before you become toxic… Its time…

Till another time you mark ur return….

Someone who don’t exist

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