My Daughters Keeper – Spotlight Tour

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Book Details:
Book Title: My Daughter’s Keeper by Mark Winkler
Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 140 pages
Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Journey Press
Release date: June, 2019

Tour dates: Nov 4 to Nov 15, 2019

Content Rating: PG + M (Rated PG+M for mature themes, but there is no bad language.)

Book Description:
My Daughter’s Keeper is the compelling story of a father’s journey to strive against mounting odds to be present in his daughter’s life. The story reveals the complexities of parenting as the author wrestles with his past to face self-imposed challenges in order to transition from a man given to selfish leanings to an open-hearted and dutiful father. My Daughter’s Keeper tugs on the heartstrings of any parent who has endured the pain and challenges of co-parenting, custody disputes, or separated families. Written with accountability and compassion, this book has been crafted to challenge readers to consider the ways our circumstances, including the painful ones, set us up to develop into better versions of ourselves.
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Meet the Author:
Over the years, Mark Winkler has continuously moved towards his goal of helping create a better world by motivating others. His passionate advocacy for families and children eventually led to the co-founding of Manhood Camp, which was established to provide life-skills programs and community engagement opportunities for young men in the Los Angeles area. Recently, Manhood Camp started working directly with fathers via its monthly support group, Fatherhood Circle. Winkler holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has been working in the community advocacy field for more than a decade. His organization’s event, Choose Peace: A Community Celebration and Information Fair, brought together over twenty-six community organizations and received a special appearance and congratulatory speech by the Los Angeles city council president, Herb

J. Wesson Jr.

Connect with the author: website ~ facebook ~twitter ~ instagram ~ November Media

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Author Interview

1. There are many books out there about Father Rights. What makes yours different?

My Daughter’s Keeper is a book about the rights of a father to be a father but not necessarily about Father Rights. I don’t speak in depth about the inequities still prevalent through-out many family courts nation-wide. I speak from the perspective of what if feels like to be mentally and emotionally impacted by those inequities, about what I did to contribute to my plight, and what I needed to do to stay in my daughter’s life.

2.What advice or suggestions would you give fathers going through a custody hearing like yourself?

Move through each stage of the process with love. What helped me early on was when I made the decision not to immerse my mind in hatred, bitterness, blaming or shaming. Imagine the mind as real estate, there is only so much space available for thoughts. If I allowed myself or others to fill that space with negative energy, I would have never survived this grueling journey. Instead, I chose to lead with love – the love for and from my daughter and the ever-present thought that she deserved to have a loving father in her life.

3.Do you have tips for the significant others who may be supporting someone enduring a custody battle?

Many men are still programmed not to express their feelings, especially when those feelings are sadness, loneliness, or hopelessness. Being separated from your child invokes and amplifies all those feelings. So, to the significant others I would say, be aware that the father is most likely experiencing these debilitating emotions but are probably only expressing the one emotion they have been “socially” allowed to express: Anger. Encourage them to speak to a trusted friend, one that will not inflame their anger, seek professional counseling, or join a men’s group. I did all three.

4. Parenting is hard. How can parents remain happy in their roles as parents?

Parenting can be challenging, but it can also be very joyful. As parents, we must remember to access the joy more often and with more focused intention. Also, parents must make time for themselves and not feel guilty about doing such. Take a moment alone. Identify trusted people in your network that can watch the children for a short while, so you catch a movie, go to the spa, have lunch or dinner with a friend or significant other.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lauren Carr says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this thought provoking interview about an important topic.


  2. Mark Winkler says:

    Wonderful interview. Thank you for spotlighting my book.


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