Soliloquy Of a Small Town Uncivil Servant – Book Review

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Book: Soliloquy of a small-town uncivil servant

Author: K K Srivastava
Publisher: Rupa Publications
First published: 2019
Genre : Non Fiction
Pages: 196
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐(4/5)

About the Book

Soliloquy of a Small-town Uncivil Servant is an attempt at a memoir that begins with the realization that the narrator has forgotten much of his past. Hence, the acute need to retrieve it. What comes to light is an arduous journey into his past—the circumstances of his birth, his growing up in a small city like Gorakhpur and his rendezvous with life outside of that inhibited milieu as he joins the civil services and moves to other places. Fact and fantasy meld as he recreates his experiences with bureaucracy and bureaucrats—his perception of them and theirs of him as an ‘outsider’—and recounts his many associations with men, women, his teachers and even strangers.

About the Author

K.K. SRIVASTAVA was born in Gorakhpur in 1960 and did his Masters in Economics from Gorakhpur University in 1980. He joined Indian Audit & Accounts Service in 1983 and is currently working as Director General in the Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India, New Delhi. A reticent and reclusive person, he has earned wide recognition in literary circles with his three volumes of poetry: Ineluctable Stillness(2005); an armless hand writes (2008;2012). He is literary reviewer and columnist for the newspapers The Pioneer and The daily Star.

My Review

Before i talk about inside of the book I would talk about the outside of the book ie the cover. The beautiful painting goes perfectly with the title and with the words inside. It is one of the prettiest cover i have ever seen. Now coming to the next most beautiful part of the book is the language. The way the author has managed to put his memories into the paper is something i really loved throughout the book. There is no sequence in his stories, it feels like he noted down fragments of his experiences and memories, which makes the book very different from any kind of memoir, biography or auto-biography. There is not much happening around, yet he managed to bring it out in a elegant way. The next amazing part of the book that is worth mentioning is the way the author shows the changing era. My favorite from them being the social media incident Ms Lehanga and his visit to psychiatrist. 

The only thing about the book was, as it did not have any sequence i could not read it in one go. It was fun reading it in parts, but if i tried reading it in a one sitting i found myself being bored. 

I rate this book four out of five stars for the amazing literature and sweet, simple stories. It was a beautiful read. 

I recommend this book to everyone who love reading simple non fiction books and have a good hold over English. You would definitely find yourself lost in his words. Its totally worth your time and money.

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Happy Reading !!