Book Reviews

Book: Unleash that river
Author: Dhaval Rathod
Publisher: Notion Publishers
First published: 2019
Genre : Political Thriller
Pages: 135
Rating: ⭐ ⭐⭐ (4/5)

About The Book

Love is a river. It springs spontaneously from the lofty hearts and makes its own way to unite with its generous reciprocators. At times, it becomes dry and seeks the abundance of a big-hearted lover. In other scenarios, the river gets frozen and looks for the warmth of a passionate soul. And in some cases, it may just be ready and waiting to leap forth from its humble abode. All it takes is just a little stroke of fate for that river to unleash itself and flow in its full glory. ‘Unleash That River’ is an anthology of seven short stories of love and contemporary romance that explores the various twists and terrains the heart goes through at various stages of life. The themes of the stories range from first love and young adult romance to love through arranged marriage as well as second chances.

About The Author

An English educator by profession and a writer by passion, Dhaval Rathod believes that storytelling is a divine art that gives writers an opportunity of touching peoples’ hearts, minds and souls. According to him, it is the millions of stories that have lifted the mankind from ground floor to the height of a million storeys. He has published two books: A Season of Shooting Stars, a collection of poems, and Unleash That River, an anthology of short romantic stories. Another of his short story “The Carpet Connection” is available at Juggernaut Writing Platform for free. He has also written several articles for Rajkot Plus supplement of The Times of India.

My Review

The book is a set of beautiful collection of stories. The language is simple and the plot is kept short and left me satisfied as all the endings seem to be happy endings. The author has beautifully shown the concept of Arranged marriage love, first crush, love at first sight, destiny etc. The narration is perfect except in the first story ie “Keys’. It took me some time to adjust with it. My favourite from all of them was “Dot every i and cross every t”. And there was one which i felt was a bit stretched “Madly in marriage”. Generally i do not like to read romance novels because they become too cheesy and involves drama that do not go well with me. But this short storys here were not only drama free but also were cute. i really enjoyed reading them.

I rate this book four out of five stars for engrossing me into the short stories. i kept on reading the story one after the other and wished there were more. The book is must read and worth your time. I recommend this book to everyone who loves reading romance. It is a beautiful one.

You can buy this book on Amazon. click here.

Happy Reading !!

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