The Indian Soldier- Book Review

Book Reviews

Book: The Indian Soldier
Author: Sushant Saini
Publisher: Jufic Books
First published: 2019
Genre : Action & Adventure Fiction
Pages: 245
Rating: ⭐ ⭐⭐ (3/5)

About The Book

Arjun is a young boy who dreams of becoming a soldier. But his unexpected selection into IIT throws him in a mix. Soon, his supportive family comes to his rescue and helps him pursue his dream. During his time at the national defence Academy, he builds life-long friendships with three other trainees. Soon he is given a chance to join the most covert and lethal team in the Indian Army, team-a. He dedicates his life to the country and carries out life-threatening missions on numerous occasions. But one deadly terrorist attack forces Arjun to question all that he has learned and loved. Disillusioned by the actions of his fellow countrymen, Arjun decides to leave his homeland. Before he can pack up his bags and say goodbye, an airplane carrying over 200 passengers is hijacked by an unnamed group. And he is the only one who can save them. But can an embittered Arjun bring himself to risk his life, and those of his team, one more time?

About The Author

Sushant Saini is a software professional by day and an avid writer by night. He completed his schooling at Ryan International School, Noida. After that, he received his B. Tech degree from M. M. M Engineering College, Gorakhpur. After staying in Mumbai for three years, he moved to the USA. He has been living in Virginia for the last decade with his beautiful wife, Rashmi, and adorable twin girls, Maya and Meera. He loves spending time with family and friends. He loves traveling, New York, and Mumbai, being his favorite cities. Sushant also enjoys drinking, cricket, soccer, driving. Along with family, his friends are a very important part of his life. He plans to never stop writing.

My Review

The book is a pleasant read. The narration is simple and written in a easy to understand language. The author has done a great job showcasing themes like Strength, will power, love, hope, family and most importantly love for India in his book. The characters in the book were all well developed and i loved all of them. The plot is medium paced, I did not feel bored anywhere while reading the book. The entire book felt like it was moving in phases ie making the decision to join the academy, then his life in the academy and after the academy. All were fun to read. The plot could have been better though. Like i would love to read more about his military training or about his cases when he was working for a secret organisation. His other military friends could have given a little bit more limelight. My favorite character was the grandmother. She was super cool and hilarious. Reading on the afterlife parts were also fun. It was a good read. I would love to read more military stories from the author.

I rate this book three out of five stars. The military theme and the academy stories, his ups and down was a good package. On the other side I wish the author would have revealed the pain and pride behind the bullets. I recommend this book to who enjoy fiction and wish to enter the world of military. Its worth your time and money. The book at the end leaves you with a thought and feeling of patriotism.

You can buy this book on Amazon. click here.

Happy Reading !!

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