Devourers from Suryaksh: Race to the last Eventuality- Book Review

Book Reviews

Book: Devourers from Suryaksh: Race to the last eventuality
Author: Varun Sayal
Publisher: Kindle, self published
First published: 2019
Genre : Science Fiction,Fantasy
Rating: ⭐ (3/5)

About The Book

She makes people dance around the fire …
… before she kills them in cold blood.
No one knows her true origin. Time readers can’t read this ruthless telekinetic, who snaps necks with a mere hand gesture.
Tej, once a simple villager, now a time traveler, is pulled into conflict as she attacks him in 3057 BC, hunting for his friend. Dead bodies of his loved ones pile up as she ravages through his village. Intending to seek justice Tej races against time itself to fight her: an entity so vile, even her own kind fear her. But can he do this alone?Traveling to the futuristic world of robotic armies and virtual realities, Tej builds questionable alliances. It’s a matter of not ‘where’ but ‘when’ can he battle his enemy. If he loses, humanity may never regain its freedom – but winning may cost the ultimate price. If you love time travel stories and super-villains then you will love this sci-fi fantasy.

About The Author

Varun Sayal is an engineer and MBA with a background in physics and mathematics. He grew up on a steady dose of fantastical tales from ancient Indian scriptures. His genre of writing is science fiction and fantasy, blended with Indian legends and mythology. In his own words:
I live by the quote, ‘a true art calms a disturbed mind and disturbs a calm mind.’

My Review

This is the second book in the series and i am loving it. I really love the world the author has created. I remember reading his first book which was a collection of sci-fi short stories, and I remember writing in my review as i cant wait for him to write a series and create a new world. And when he did, his first book “demons of time” was a big hit as i had speculated after reading his first book. And the second book does the same. The narration is perfect. Language used is easy to understand and simple. There is a lot of action and suspense. I loved all of it. The ending was a cliffhanger. i cant wait to read the next in the series. The ending was totally unexpected. I did expect a win but not what came with it. The only disappointing part was in the middle of the story where the author tried to show that the war is won but i knew it there was a catch. Because is it not obvious that a story does not end in the middle ? especially a series ? So other than that the book is thrilling read.

I rate this book Three out of five stars for engrossing me into this amazing world of time travelers and aliens.The book is must read and worth your time. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys reading sci-fi and fantasy novels. This book is not going to upset you.

You can buy this book on Amazon. click here.

Happy Reading !!

Source of “About the book” and “About the Author’ – Goodreads & Amazon

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