The Review Policy Page !


Firstly Thank you for considering me to review your book. I know how difficult it is to write a book and then edit it, and then finally get it published. And i can assure you that you book is in safe hands.

So if you are looking for getting a review of your book on my blog or anywhere else, here is a checklist for you to complete before contacting me.

1. I don’t Read Romance Novels and Non Fiction.

2. I accept only Paperback copies.

3. I can’t give fast reviews like 15 day review deadline is not something i do.

4. I give honest Reviews so if you are looking for sugarcoating this is not the right place.        My Reviews usually contain the following sections:
(i) Picture of the book taken by me.
(ii) Details about the book like its name, authors name etc
(iii) My Rating
(iv) Plot
(v) My Opinion which includes positives, negatives and final verdict paragraphs.
(vi) Recommendation

5. I do not do paid reviews. All my reviews are free and hence i cannot promise the time i would require for the book. It would depend on your book and my time schedule. i would see my schedule and your book and then tell you about the time i would require and if it is okay we can continue.

6. I post the review in my blog, instagram, goodreads, amazon or flipkart. i do not have a facebook page for the same. I would also tweet the link of my reviews.

If the above checklist is acceptable you can mail me on the id
I would converse only via e-mails and hence please contact me only through mail.